Judith’s religious experience with Bosco

April 8th, 2013

Our Facebook friend, Judith, shares a story with us:

Nearly 50 years ago, when I was four years old my mom brought back groceries and put Bosco syrup on the kitchen table. Being a very good Catholic girl from Pulaski Street in Newark NJ, I considered the bottle. I knew there was a St. Bosco and it made perfect sense to me that St. Bosco was made a saint for inventing Bosco Syrup and God must like people to have fun, too.

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Missess Bee’s Bosco Bear gets her through her tonsillectomy

March 19th, 2013

Our Facebook friend Missess Bee shares this story with us:

I loved Bosco! As a small child, I had to have my tonsils taken out. I was so scared and upset at the hospital, they could not calm me. I had my Bosco bear with me. They asked, “If Bosco goes through the xray and doesn’t cry, then would you?” Well, it worked, and for many years, my mother had Bosco’s xray. Then on vacation, I had forgotten him at the pool. When I realized he was gone, it was late at night, and in a thunderstorm.  I became so upset, my mother made my older sister, go and get it anyway. This was around 1963.  Bosco got me through a lot. Loved him, love the memory.  Who ever it was that created the company, bear, etc., thank you!!

We hope the hospital let you have ice cream when you were recovering!  Maybe with some Bosco syrup on it?


George Constanza loves Bosco

February 20th, 2013

Our Twitter friend, @nascarnac, alerted us that we’ve never posted on this page about Seinfeld’s George Costanza, who is probably Bosco’s most famous fan.  (Feel free to disagree in the comments, though.)  Here’s some clips to jog your memory.




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Bosco used as blood in movies

October 31st, 2012

Yes, it’s true.  Bosco was used as a substitute for blood in a number of movies, including Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Night of the Living Dead.

Someone actually captured Bosco Chocolate Syrup on the set of Night of the Living Dead:

Bosco Chocolate Syrup being used as fake blood on the set of Night of the Living Dead

The secret, of course, is that the movies were in black and white — and our chocolate syrup looked much better on film than any other genuine fake blood.

Happy Halloween!

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Janet’s Bosco Bear Poem

October 22nd, 2012

Since Amy shared her Bosco Bear with us a few months ago (see the original post), we’ve heard from some others who recognized Amy’s bear as the same one they had as children.  Our Facebook friend, Janet, shares this story — and poem!

Hi Bosco folks! OMG!! That IS my bear! WOW!!!  I’m ashamed to admit it but I changed his name to Tim to go along with a little poem I learned as a child. It’s kind of a sad little poem, but it goes like this…

I had a little teddy bear
And his name was Tim;
I put him in the bathtub
To teach him how to swim.
He drank up all the water,
And ate up all the soap;
And when I called the doctor,
The doctor said, “No hope.”
The next day he died
with a bubble in his throat.

Thank you so much for sharing this picture. Somewhere I actually have a picture of him because I happened to be holding him when my dad took a photo of me.

Janet – thanks for sharing your story and great poem with us!

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September 19th, 2012

Our Bosco friend, Tony, from Queens, NY (originally) and Fort Myers, FL (now) writes us with a great story:

I was born & raised in Queens, New York in 1967.  My family are Italian immigrants and had bled, sweat & cried to build an American dream for themselves. They started an Italian pork store/salumeria.  It soon became the provider of generations to come. I remember as a 6 year old boy sweeping floors and spreading sawdust so no one was to slip, washing dishes & bagging groceries, that I would soon be rewarded with the taste of Latte con Bosco. You created what [some others are] TRYING to be to the world of Chocolate Milk Drinkers. It will never happen. You’re the leader, the pioneer, and the makers of many memories.

Thanks for your note, Tony, and for being a great life-long fan!



August 17th, 2012

We heard from Nan this week, who reports that her husband Bob was know as Bosky to his friends. He ate so much Bosco that they just started calling him Bosco, and then eventually Bosky!

Bob was born in Newton, MA and lived in Rockport, MA until he passed aweay in 2008 at age 84. Nan — thank you for sharing this memory with us!

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Nouveau retro music video

June 8th, 2012

Bosco friend Killian Wells made this awesome retro-ish music video, with some guest Bosco appearances!


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Amy’s Bosco Bear

May 23rd, 2012

One of our Facebook fans, Amy, tells us this story:

Love Bosco! When I was born my dad worked in the grocery business and the vendor rep gave him the Bosco display bear for me.. I still have him!!!

Thanks for sharing Amy!  We love our Bosco Bear. :)  Be sure to be our Facebook friend here: http://facebook.com/boscochocolate


Some amazing Bosco paintings

November 6th, 2011

Our Bosco friend, Kristina Kang, shared some paintings of Bosco products and treats, old and new.  These capture the Bosco feeling wonderfully!

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